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I have a story… Would You like to listen? I need Your a few minutes for that. This is Captain Ramazan.  I am son of a fisher father. I started from the labor which my father handed down me. I started to work when I was 13. And I am working in this sector during 35 years. And I am running my own boat, which is wide and comfortable. That has 32 meters widht and 8 meters long. Our Boat is now more stylish and dazzling with the deck and flybeach made in tick wood; and with the board made in a very special wood.

We promise You to be free of Your hard day’s all effects, at the end of the day, while You are having a glass of drink at the wide sitting area of the stern.  If You would like to have a sunbath, You have a special area furnished with the longchairs special for everbody else. Or if You wish, You can have an amazing view at the front terrace, It is up to You.

We have the bars which located inside and outside on terrace. You can have a start the day, with having a special breakfast while You are watching the sunrise. And You can be relax together with Your family, while You are having the dinner which is specially prepared for You, 

There is 6 cabins which 2 of them are master cabins, and 4 of them are double cabins,

in our boat. And You have also on board, the housekeepers and the hostesses, are always be ready for Your excellent service. Also The Chef would be serve the best meals that is chosen from The Magnificent Turkish Cuisine.

We like our business and try to do our best. And we would like to the reason of the lovely smile in our guest’s face. Our company is a family company and we share this kind family feelings with our guests. Our Country, Turkey, is a heaven, which round by the sea in Its 3 of the edges; with Its nature, Its sea, Its culture and Its history. This is Captain Ramazan.  I am inviting You to This Heav

Captain Ramazan

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welcome to s dogu


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